CNC Router Cutting

We currently have a fully operational CnC Service available for your projects of any size. With our automatic tool changer we can offer Profile cutting, routing, drilling, and 3d milling to speed up the process in creating your design in whatever application you might need.

CNC technology can bring your ideas to life through the combination of precision cutting and CAD design.

There are endless possibilities with the ability to cut down your time, waste, and labour.

We can offer this service at a competitive hourly rate

Our CNC can cut full sheet materials with a bed size of

2500 x 1250 x 100 mm

Required file formats include

· .dxf

· .dwg

· .3dm

Materials we can cut include:

· Plywood


· Solid Timber


· Acrylic

· Polystyrene

· Corian

· Laminated Materials

· Veneered Materials

· Aluminium

With more options available